How to decorate a nursery fit for your Prince or Princess

With speculation that Meghan Markle has spent £150,000 on new son – Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’s – nursery we thought we’d take a look at the new trends in baby bedrooms and what today’s parents are choosing for their own prince or princess.

According to reports, new parents the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have opted for a muted palette of neutral grey tones and this trend does appear to be gaining a lot of popularity for modern parents who are more inclined to go for gender neutral colour schemes rather than gender-specific aka pink for girls and blue for boys. Online searches for grey paint have outstripped blue and pink paint by over 200% in the last month and wooden toys are significantly taking the online search trophy when competing against bright, plastic coloured toys.

Also gaining in popularity is eco-friendly paint. The Sussex’s have chosen to go for German paint company Auro, whose environmentally and child-friendly credentials include using exclusively natural materials which are free from toxic chemicals and harmful emissions.

It’s not surprising that the urge to protect and preserve the environment for future generations as well as ensuring your newborn isn’t exposed to harmful chemicals are considerations that for many begin when their firstborn arrives.

But, as we become more conscious of the environment as a whole, this is definitely a trend that looks more and more likely to become mainstream and not just for nurseries.

Technology is also high on the list for modern parents– no longer are parents happy to just have baby monitors – tech dads and moms are also looking into video monitors.

Also trending are health trackers. These include smart socks which come in three sizes and track heart rate, oxygen levels and alerts users in real-time if there appears to be a problem. It connects through Bluetooth and sends notifications to an App. And, even the humble changing mat has had a tech transformation. Changing mats are now available that can monitor a baby’s weight and compares their growth worldwide as well as check how much they’re eating, drinking and sleeping.   You can of course also change nappies on them!

And even bath-time has been given a boost, with the humble tub now offering to set the perfect temperature for your child – no burnt elbows trying to get the temperature just right for these new water babies. Modern bathtubs can also be set directly onto the sink so they’re elevated, making bath-time even more enjoyable.

And, as a parting gift to you, let’s not forget the £25k wall-length mood screen which has allegedly been installed into Baby Sussex’s new nursery. This particular piece of kit will apparently project soothing images for the baby to look at! And if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to that, perhaps hooking a flat screen TV up with a rolling gallery of soothing images will suffice for your little prince or princess! Looking for more ideas to decorate a nursery then check out over 1,000 design ideas on our Pinterest board– they are so cute!