Finding a renovation property for sale on

Finding your ideal renovation property for sale couldn’t be easier thanks to and our new pre-filled forms.

Renovate Me has a continuously updated list of renovation properties, conversions and building plots throughout the UK and boasts an intuitive system for searching throughout our database. However, we’ve just made it quicker than ever.

Simply head on over to our renovation property for sale page to see a list tailored down simply to renovation properties. No conversion or building plots, just renovation properties.

The list is dynamically generated, meaning that it’ll always pull from our extensive database of properties and you’ll always get the freshest results.

If you then wish to tailor your search further, we’ve kept the search form on the left in order to allow you to select by location, price and any of of Renovate Me search parameters.

Give it a go and see if you can find your ideal renovation property for sale today!