LPG home heating – What are my options?

If you’re renovating a property that is off the mains gas grid, it’s likely you’ll have looked into the different fuel options for home heating and hot water.

Many people are now choosing LPG over alternatives such as oil or electricity or solid fuel, as it offers all the benefits of mains gas, such as reliability of supply and controllability.

By selecting LPG, you don’t have to compromise on convenience or versatility, and the fuel is perfectly suited to heating and hot water, as well as gas fires and appliances such as tumble dryers.

You’ll even have all the benefits of cooking on gas with an instant, controllable flame and the additional reassurance that you can still cook in the event of a power cut.
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Storage options

If using LPG for home heating, it will need to be stored somewhere in your garden. There are a range of different LPG storage options available, including an above ground tank, underground tank and cylinders. This means there is a storage solution suitable for your home, no matter what your heating needs are or the size of your outside space.

A common way to store LPG is in a 1200 litre above-ground tank, measuring less than 1 meter in width, and 2 metres long. As the minimum space needed for an under-ground and above-ground tank is 3 metres away from buildings, or boundaries, to have an above ground tank installed you’re likely to need a minimum garden area of approximately 8m x 7m. Many above ground LPG tanks normally required a concrete base to sit on, however Calor can provide a pre-fabricated base as part of the installation process to avoid you having to arrange this. 

Out of sight

If you wish to hide the tank out of sight, an under-ground LPG tank is a popular option. The only thing on view in your garden is a small circular green tank lid, which gives the delivery driver access to the tank when re-fuelling. A 1500 litre or 2000 litre under-ground tank suits most homes. As with above ground tanks, you will need sufficient space in your garden for this installation.

Smaller supply

If you have a smaller garden that doesn’t have space for an above-ground or under-ground tank, or you have a smaller home that uses less gas, a cylinder supply offers a more compact solution.

Cylinders used for LPG home heating are usually 47kg in size and installed in pairs, or in a pack of 4. They should normally be positioned up against a solid brick wall where there is easy access for delivery and protected from potential damage. Cylinders can be housed in a cylinder storage unit, offering screening and additional security.

Switching made easy

Your local Calor representative will be happy to visit your home to discuss the options available to you and advise on what storage type is most suitable for your property. To find out more about what is involved in switching to Calor, take a look at this video

If you would like to discuss how Calor can meet your home energy needs, call 0800 085 5023 or visit www.calor.co.uk.