Fuelling Rural Renovation


Alastair Lovell from off-grid heating specialists Calor Gas explains why heating systems that use LPG are ideal for rural renovation projects.

Renovating your home can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially if the property is in a rural location that does not have access to mains gas.

Deciding upon the most reliable and efficient heating fuel for your off-grid property may feel like another thing on the list to worry about, but choosing an LPG system can make your renovation simpler and free of hassle.

Getting the heating and hot water system right is key to creating the perfect living space. And while you can’t really see it, for many of us, it can be as important as the luxury bathroom or show stopping kitchen you have in mind.

No compromise

Selecting LP gas means you don’t have to compromise on convenience or versatility, as it is just like having mains gas, and is perfectly suited to heating and hot water, as well as gas fires.

You’ll even have all the benefits of cooking on gas with an instant, controllable flame and the additional reassurance that you can still cook in the event of a power cut.

What’s more, you can rest assured that you won’t fall victim to fuel theft, which is common in rural areas as oil tanks are relatively easy to identify, pierce, and siphon oil from. In contrast, LPG is virtually impossible to steal from a tank. Gas tanks can also be hidden underground, leaving more space for you to enjoy your outdoor living space.

There is also a fantastic range of A-rated, high efficiency LPG boilers on the market. These are made to help save you money on your heating bills and you’ll often find they are cheaper to buy than an oil boiler.

System solutions

So LP gas really is the ideal choice no matter type of renovation you are undertaking; with a number of solutions available to suit the style of the home you’re creating.

Whether you want a full gas installation, gas as a back-up fuel to support a heat pump or solar renewable system, or a gas supply just for cooking, Calor is the off-grid fuel expert that can help advise and recommend the best system to suit your requirements.

The company has over 80 years experience in supplying gas to rural homes, and is able to take care of virtually everything, providing a full specification and installation service for your gas connection.

Even after installation, you need not worry about running out of fuel as tanks are fitted with intelligent systems that automatically order fuel deliveries when required, giving you peace of mind that you should never run out

Switching offers

The other great news is that if you’re renovating and switching from another fuel source such as oil, Calor will connect you to gas and install an above ground tank free of charge* – or if you have builders already on site so are able to do your own ground works, Calor will deliver an underground tank and also connect your home to the gas supply free of charge.

So whatever your home makeover consists of, from creating a unique contemporary design to a more traditional property in keeping with the heritage of the local area, LPG is a reliable and versatile fuel to create a warm and efficient home.

For more information on switching to Calor and to find our about their latest offers, visit www.calor.co.uk or call 0800 181 4523.