Call for ‘revamp’ to Welsh Planning Law

The Law Commission have launched a consultation on Planning Law in Wales, as they view the current system to be “overly complicated and difficult for professionals and the public.”
The consultation was launched on the 30th June 2016 with a view to creating a modern, clearer, more simplified planning system in Wales.
The last time Welsh Planning Law was consolidated was in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, so it’s about time for a change and a move with the times.  As well as a need for modernisation, factors such as devolution, and differences between English and Welsh Law are thought to have complicated the situation further.
Nicholas Paines QC, Law Commissioner for public law said:
“Wales should have a legal framework that supports its planning needs and works effectively for developers, planning authorities and communities. But planning law in Wales has become fragmented and almost impossible to navigate. We have an exciting opportunity now to identify the scope of what needs to be done to create clearer, simpler and more modern law, and to take the first constructive steps towards a fully comprehensive codification of the legal framework that regulates development and land use in Wales.”
Things are still very much up in the air with regards to an action plan, but the Law Commission is very much in favour of a ‘revamp’ of the current system, what that will mean is very unclear at the moment, but a more modern, consistent and clearer system will hopefully be the outcome.
We look forward with optimism to clearer, simpler, more accessible Planning Law in Wales. In the interim, with QC’s considering the current system impenetrable, the need to seek professional advice will continue and Berrys are more than happy to assist you in this regard.
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